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Why I created Neptune's Cove

As caretaker of Neptune's Cove, I created this an the unofficial site of the Neptune's Nimrods SCUBA Diving Club of Green Bay. You will find information on finding some of our favorite local sites. "Local" means "within a half-day's drive from Green Bay, WI". Basically, Green Bay divers can make a weekend dive out of any of these sites. While I have made every effort to insure this information is accurate (I use it myself), there are no warranties (as with everything in diving).

I created this site to:
  • Share the dive & shipwreck site information I have gathered.
  • Publicize the world class wreck diving of the Great Lakes.
  • Provide links to further relative information already on the web.
  • Have a place to play with HTML and JavaScript.
As a result, there will probably be some portion of this site under construction at any given time.

My Web Design Philosophy

  • The average diver has a 28.8 Kbaud modem. Most pages should load in less then 15 seconds, so keep pages small and the HTML clean & Standard.
  • Navigation should be simple and consistent.
  • HTML should be valid. Again you must manually cleanup HTML created by a Microsoft product and validate everything!
  • Duplication of information found on other sites should be limited. After all, linking is what the web is all about.
  • Check the look of your pages against as many current browsers as possible. I check mine against Netscape 3.0#, 4.0# & 4.5, MSIE 4, and Opera. I also, occasionally test other browsers & other platforms at friends and see how these browsers look on other machines.
  • After you have taken care of the above, design for ease of maintenance. Make it easy to maintain and keep up to date.


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